WBT, Rady School of Management seek students who are commercializing university technologies

Last Day is today!

The WBT Showcase is working with the UCSD Rady School of management to offer a special opportunity for Graduate Level Business Students seeking to commercialize university-based research at this year’s WBT Innovation Marketplace in San Diego October 24-26 at the San Diego Convention Center.

The Rady School of Management Student Venture Open @ WBT encourages MBA and graduate entrepreneurship students to commercialize technologies developed at their universities and to facilitate the resulting new ventures obtaining funding. If selected, Student Venture Open contestants and judges receive a complimentary 2-day pass to the WBT Innovation Marketplace.

The onsite competition will be held in conjunction with the WBT Innovation Marketplace beginning on October 24th and conclude with winners announced at the WBT Awards luncheon on Friday, October 26.

The Rady School of Management Student Venture Open @ WBT differs from other business plan competitions in several important ways:

  • Universities from across the United States are invited to send teams.
  • The basis for the new ventures must be a technology developed at a university.
  • Each team will be required to include at least one graduate student.
  • The teams presenting will be committed to launching their ventures.
  • Winner will be entered into the Venture Labs Investment Competition (formerly Moot Corp) May 2013 in Austin, TX.

For full details visit, Student Venture Open @ WBT. To participate, please email a brief description of your technology and a list of the students involved. Up to two teams from a university may enter. Email this information to LRasochova@ucsd.edu on or before Sept 26, 2012.