Marblar taps crowdsourcing to translate IP into commercial applications


Marblar uses challenge-driven innovation to crowdsource market applications for dormant and emerging technologies

Marblar is a new platform that creates competitions around IP, and encourages Marblar members from around the world to find market applications for the technologies.  Since launching in late Oct-2012, Marblar has registered thousands of people from over 100 countries.  These users have collectively found over 800 different applications for dormant IP.

Marblar has been featured in Nature, The New Scientist and The Economist.  Customers include, Unilever, Imperial College London and other UK institutions.  Marblar has begun to create relationships with US universities.  As part of this effort Marblar formed a partnership with MRUN to provide MRUN member institutions a limited opportunity to pilot the Marblar platform. Visit to learn more and contact MRUN President Allen Dines (see member directory for contact information) for details.  Explore how to enlist the crowd as your ad-on licensing team.