CATTEC IX: a One Day Conference


10:00- 10:15a Welcoming Remarks / Housekeeping Dan Broderick, Vice President, BioGenerator
10:15- 11:00a “Creating an Innovation Culture – The CIC Story” Tim Rowe, Founder and CEO of Cambridge Innovation Center
11:00-NOON Inclusion Innovations: Panel discussion about pioneering approaches for how universities and regions ensure that innovation and entrepreneurship provide an opportunity for all individuals and groups to thrive. Dima Elissa, CEO and Founder, VisMed3D
NOON-1:00p Lunch

“University-based innovation: the role of entrepreneurship”

Walter Valdivia, Senior Fellow at the Consortium for Science Policy and Outcomes and Non-resident Fellow at the Brookings Center for Technology Innovation
2:15-2:45p Closing Remarks and Introduction to the Venture Café Dan Broderick, Vice President, BioGenerator
Gary Keller, President, MRUN
2:45-3:00p Break
3:00-4:00p “Moving Mountains: Making Money While Making a Difference” Denise Logan, Founder of Chase What Matters
4:00-8:00p Enjoy the Venture Café

Keynote Speakers to include:

  • Denise Logan – “Moving Mountains: Making Money While Making a Difference”

 Denise Logan PhotoAs the founder of Chase What Matters, Denise Logan has been revolutionizing the way corporations and non-profits partner on issues that matter to their stakeholders, employees and customers.  Using meaningful, potent service experiences that engage hearts, minds and hands, she helps reignite employees, bond customers to your brand and aid non-profits in stemming the churn of donors.  Her ability to connect people right where they are in ways they’ll NEVER forget, creates emotionally invested long-term partners poised to act on the causes that move them the most.

 Although an attorney by background, Denise has a demonstrated track record as a multi-talented business development, marketing and organizational leader. She is known as the ultimate go-to person for shifting perspective, jump-starting burned out professionals’ mojo and creating brand evangelists from organizations’ diverse stakeholders.

She is a relationship leader and mentor – bridging gaps between work, life and legacy for individuals, businesses and non-profits by restoring meaning to the equation, one purpose-filled experience at a time. Because when you chase what matters, and do what counts, everything has more meaning.

  • Tim Rowe – “Creating an Innovation Culture – The CIC Story”

Tim HeadshotTim Rowe is the Founder and CEO of Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC), which operates largest facility in the world, dedicated to housing startups. More than US $2B has been invested in companies that grew up at CIC. Hubspot, Great Point Energy, Gloucester Pharma, Tokai Pharmaceuticals, and many other large success stories have come out of CIC. Google Android co-Founder Rich Miner famously built his portion of that company at CIC. Approximately $7B of venture capital is headquartered within CIC’s two buildings in Massachusetts, putting it on par with many countries. In addition to its original Cambridge, MA location, CIC opened new facilities in Boston, MA and St. Louis, MO in 2014, and in 2015 its first international expansion project in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In October 2015 CIC announced its newest site: Miami.

Tim also sits on the Board of the New England Venture Capital Association and is a venture partner with New Atlantic Ventures. Previously, Tim has served as a Lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management, a Manager with the Boston Consulting Group and an analyst with the Mitsubishi Research Institute. Tim speaks Spanish and Japanese fluently, and holds an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management and a BA from Amherst College. He and his wife Amy live in Cambridge, MA with their three children.

  • Walter Valdivia – “University-based innovation: the role of entrepreneurship”

valdivia-pictureWalter Valdivia is a Senior Fellow at the Consortium for Science Policy and Outcomes based in Washington DC, and a non-resident fellow at the Brookings Center for Technology Innovation. His forthcoming book “Bayh-Dole: Innovation Policy as Industrial Policy” examines the last four decades of university patenting and proposes a set of measures better align the outcomes of university-based innovation with the aims of publicly funded research. Valdivia’s research portfolio includes various issues in science and innovation policy including the role of higher education, export controls and academic freedom, the politics of federal R&D, and the governance of emerging technologies. Valdivia holds a B.S. in economics from Universidad Católica Boliviana, and an M.S. in economics and a Ph.D. in public administration from Arizona State University.

Bonus – Access to Venture Café

  • All participants of CATTEC IX are invited to stay until 8:00 p.m. and connect with the St. Louis innovation community through The Venture Cafe, a weekly gathering of innovators and entrepreneurs in the community connecting to make things happen. The Venture Cafe – St. Louis gathering is the largest weekly gathering of its kind in the United States, averaging over 500 attendees every week. Find out more and see the weekly calendar on their website: