Soliciting Companies for 2014 InvestMidwest | MRUN

Soliciting Companies for 2014 InvestMidwest

The 2014 InvestMidwest Venture Capital Forum, taking place March 26-17, 2014 in St. Louis, is seeking high growth companies from throughout the Midwest to apply to present at the conference. The selection committee includes venture capital professionals and select corporate, legal and financial professionals.

The 2014 InvestMidwest will include three separate industry tracks presenting concurrently: a life sciences track, an IT/general business track and a food/ag/bioenergy track. The presentations from 40 to 45 emerging businesses will each be ten minutes in length. An opportunity for individual meetings with the presenting companies will be provided.

Company Criteria:

  • Located within the center corridor of the United States
  • Seeking $1M to $20M in funding
  • Revenue projections of $20 million within five years (with the exception of life sciences companies)

To apply to present at the conference, please click here.