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CATTEC VII Retrospective


Illinois Science+Tech Park

Illinois Science + Technology Park

Auditorium ­‐ 8045 Lamon  Avenue

 Skokie, IL  60077

October 21,2014

CATTEC returns with this seventh in MRUN’s series of  regional invitational investment  forums. 

CATTEC VII  brings together regional talent, ideas and capital in a showcase of emerging high tech  startups from leading Midwest universities and seed incubators.  With each CATTEC, angel and early stage   venture capital investors, entrepreneurs and university managers engaged as startup facilitators meet and develop connections that strengthen the Midwest’s new venture innovation network.

CATTEC theme for 2014:  Midwest Startups – Evolution of Innovation

Midwest Universities with Technology Commercialization programs are invited to have their start-ups apply to present at the CATTEC VII Technology Showcase.

These fast pitches are designed to attract the attention of investors and to begin the dialog for potential investment. Entrepreneurs applying may have technologies in any industry but should have a formed company at the prototype or later stage and be actively seeking Seed Round or Series A investment. Pitches will be 5-6 minutes long and no more than 8 slides are recommended. The deadline for application has been extended to October 7th, so notify your entrepreneurs right away regarding this opportunity to engage investors and the Midwest Research University Network. We will make selections and notify all applicants early the week of Oct 13.

Program Highlights

Program highlights

  • Joint session with LES Chicago Chapter – Negotiating skills for startups
  • Pitch session featuring emerging high tech companies from the region’s hotspots of innovation
  • Hear experts on new models of for tech transfer, early stage investing, commercialization and scientific collaboration
  • Meet the innovators: regional startup accelerators
  • Learn about approaches strategic corporate investors are taking to access innovative tech startups
  • Closing reception:  MRUN past to the future – Allen Dines Roast

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Getting there:

For directions and more information about the conference facility and location:

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Company Presentations

Caraseal (Chicago, IL)

Marc Lessem, CEO

Caraseal, LLC is a Chicago-based medical device company committed to reducing germ transmission, and the subsequent infections, associated with mobile devices.  Given recent studies documenting that mobile devices are a cesspool of unseen and dangerous filth, we will deliver a smart hardware solution to complement the thriving mobile-health ecosystem.  Caraseal will help reduce healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) caused by the increased adoption of mobile devices in healthcare setting.  This will improve patient outcomes, improve caregiver safety and reduce overall cost of care.  Caraseal will expand beyond healthcare to include food service, schools, child care centers, health clubs, corporate wellness and more.  Our goal is to soon make Caraseal as ubiquitous as hand sanitizers are today.

Dock Technologies (Madison, WI)Sarah Sandock, Founder and CEOsarah@docktechnologies.comDock Technologies has developed disposable timers used to provide patient-centered information in critical events like stroke and cardiac care . This new communication tool facilitates team-based communication, incorporates lightweight feedback by providing visual information transparency designed with patients in mind, and instills a greater sense of urgency in providers to improve patient outcomes.

Field59 (Madison, WI) Derek Gebler, CEOderek@field59.comField59, Inc. is an enterprise YouTube video solution for live events and publishers. We simplify the process of publishing live video from anywhere to everywhere.
Janus Choice (Rockford, IL) Sasha Goodwin, PresidentAlexandra.Goodwin@JanusChoice.comJanus Choice uses mobile technology to optimize and improve current hospital discharge processes. We empower the patient to make educated decisions when choosing the extended care provider, improve patient’s experience, increase throughput of hospitals and contribute to length of stay reduction. Transitional care is critical for accountable care organization (ACO) participants in order to manage successfully financial and clinical outcomes across care settings and episodes. Currently, one in five Medicare beneficiaries are re-hospitalized within 30 days of discharge, accounting for $15 billion in additional spending. It is estimated that 75 percent of these readmissions are preventable. Inadequate care coordination – a major contributor to poor quality care transitions – results in an estimated $25 to $45 billion of unnecessary health spending each year. Janus Choice offers the hospital and the patient an interactive search engine with a patentable algorithm for matching patient’s clinical and social needs with the services provided by the facility. We use science to help patients and their families to make decisions without leaving hospital rooms, bringing valuable benefits to the hospitals by decreasing length of stay and promoting patient’s choice and improving overall experience. Janus Choice also creates multiple benefits to the facilities participating in the program, not only by increasing occupancy but also by referring the patients better fitting their service and specialty profile that lead to ability to provide better care and outcomes.

Kiio Technologies (Madison, WI) Dave Grandin, CEOdgrandin@kiio.comKiio Inc is developing an integrated clinical software platform consisting of the kiio FLEX clinical EMR, an objective wireless force sensor (kiio Sensor), an animated therapeutic exercise library, HIPAA compliant cloud database, and mobile smartphone patient applications.   Kiio’s solution is designed to increase clinical efficiency and  revenue while also introducing tele-health to increasing patient understanding and adherence.  The overall result is higher treatment efficacy at lower costs.

MentorMob (Chicago, IL) Vince Leung, Foundervince@mentormob.comMentorMob is aiming to change the way the world learns and interacts online.  With over 1 billion Google searches every month to learn a new hobby, interest, or lifestyle everyone around the world encounters millions of disorganized articles and videos.  MentorMob guides these learners through the best content that has been curated into a definitive guidebook and allows them to discover and interact with others around the world. MentorMob has received a number of accolades including winning a grant for digital learning from the Mozilla Foundation, participated in the Techstars Accelerator in NYC, and a top 3 company at South-By-Southwest 2014 startup pitch. MentorMob was co-founded by long-time friends/UIUC alum Kris Chinosorn (product designer & strategist, recruited by Paypal Mafia to help a startup which ended up raising $20M, co-founder of Catapult Chicago incubator) and Vince Leung (technologist & executor, core engineer for original Motorola RAZR phone, holder of several patents).

ProVazo (Chicago, IL) Peter Neems, CEOPeter@ProVazo.comProVazo has developed a new inpatient blood sampling technology. Current procedures are clinically risky, inaccurate, burdensome for hospitals, and painful. The ProVazo Sampling System, inspired by the mosquito’s ability to painlessly draw blood, consists of two components: a Sampling Port inserted into the patient’s arm for their hospital stay and a disposable Sampling Stick inserted through the port to withdraw a sample. ProVazo aims to significantly improve hospitals’ care. Compared to central IV lines, ProVazo’s product may decrease common risks and costs associated with current methods such as infections (by 20%), clotting (by 300%), and anemia (by 58%), resulting in potential savings of over $130 per draw. It can reduce accidental needlesticks, while preventing clinical complications like hematomas, scarring, and nerve damage. Additionally, ProVazo Sampling System is designed to draw venous blood, the current benchmark for testing. It can also obtain samples faster, freeing up nurses’ time and alleviating reliance on phlebotomy. Furthermore, the device draws blood without inflicting pain. Patients may sleep through the night, leading to improved recovery and satisfaction ratings, helping hospitals receive greater reimbursements through the Affordable Care Act. ProVazo is targeting the 5 million US ICU patients, representing a $452 million market ($1.1 billion globally). ICU patients are subject to the most frequent testing and complex method (Central IV Sampling). ProVazo would have the greatest impact and expects the highest adoption rate in this segment. ProVazo will then expand into acute care, a $773 million in the US ($1.9 billion globally).

QuickShoppi (Chicago, IL) Latrell Garnett, CEOquickshoppi@gmail.comQuickShoppi is a mobile app for brick-and-mortar businesses to enhance the shopper experience and increase sales. QuickShoppi solves real problems for consumers, by allowing your customers to Pay for products via their phone without ever need to stand in long lines, Gain Rewards just for entering the store, Navigate through the store, and locate products via Voice Search – just to name a few features.

RINGR (Chicago, IL) Tim Sinclair, CEOTim@ringr.usRINGR lets you connect with virtually anyone on the planet, record your conversation, and instantly download the audio. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. And the best part? The sound quality is amazing! In fact, unless you share your secret, no one will know the two of you weren’t sitting right next to each other having a face-to-face chat.

Proprietary software allows RINGR to record each half of an interview separately and then merge the two sides in the cloud afterward. This process eliminates the buzz, echoes, static, and jumpiness of a traditional phone or Skype call…providing users with a high-quality MP3 file that can be posted to social media, pasted into a podcast, or edited for playback on radio or television.

In addition, the RINGR platform will be social and searchable…allowing “celebrities” and media outlets to quickly and easily find each other, schedule interviews, and record them at a quality never before possible.

SmartUQ (Madison, WI) Peter Qian, CEOpeter.qian@smartuq.comSmartUQ software brings leading-edge analytics to accelerate simulation-based decisions with accurate uncertainty quantification (UQ). We coined a term, “simulation analytics,” to refer to the technology. The software builds accurate meta-models with 1000 points in seconds, while standard technology takes hours. SmartUQ features modern Design of Experiments (DOE) for simulations with multi-fidelity or mixed inputs; fast meta-modeling for simulations with large DOE, high-dimensional inputs, functional and multiple outputs; sensitivity analysis; design optimization; calibration and uncertainty quantification. SmartUQ can reduce simulation times up to 90%, expediting time-to-market and helping customers beat the competition. Using intelligent DOE, meta-models are rapidly built to map out the entire input-to-output sample space. The meta-model can then be used to quickly perform design space exploration, design optimization, calibration, sensitivity analysis and UQ, reducing the need for thousands of simulation runs and significant costs. Smart UQ simulation analytics can be applied in any industry that makes simulation-based decisions.

Spectrom (Madison, WI) Cedric Kovacs-Johnson, Co-FounderCedric@Spectrom3D.comSpectrom is the first full-color desktop 3D printing technology. Born out of chemical and polymer research, the first proof-of-concept garnered international media attention following successes in regional and national engineering competitions. The technology is covered by two provisional patent filings and was described by a judge as a “technically novel invention with immediate commercial potential”. Sales will follow a razorblade approach wherein hardware is sold with accompanying high-margin ink and plastic consumables – all covered by our patents. The $2B 3D printing market is being disrupted by low-cost desktop printers, which in 5 years have grown to 20% of the market. These products have expanded the user base to include engineers, designers, artists and general consumers. Big players are taking note of this shift through notable acquisitions. This desktop growth, however, is abated by the lack of features demanded by users – namely color. Such a feature has the potential to disrupt billion dollar markets such as the toy industry and prosthetics, among many others.

Team Interval (Chicago, IL) Tyrre Burks, CEOtyrre@teaminterval.comTeam Interval is an injury management application catered for sports organizations. We streamline the documentation and communication of sports related injuries which in turn provides parents, coaches and administration with instant health updates and notifications. By strengthening the communication and injury reporting process, Team Interval is helping teams reach their full potential both on and off the field.

Varsa Health (Chicago, IL) Steve Spreieser, Co-Foundersteve@varsahealth.comVarsa Health is a platform for data analytics in behavioral health. The cloud-based solution makes it easier to gather data from patients via clinically-validated surveys, wearable devices and the patient’s circle of care. In turn, we provide data to clinicians and care managers in the form of actionable insights. With Varsa Health, providers can better intervene with patients in need of assistance, as well as track patients along the care continuum, thereby reducing total cost of care. Varsa Health is a Healthbox portfolio company.

Youtopia (Chicago, IL) Simeon Schnapper, CEOsimeon@youtopia.comYoutopia is an engagement platform that uses points, badges, and leaderboards to make education immersive and fun. Motivational science, utilizing badging as a tool to increase student motivation and engagement is a foundation piece of Youtopia. Behavioral studies reveal that a core set of intrinsic and powerful motivators exists in all of us. Youtopia’s proven, outcome-driven learning experience provides a motivational and new way for students’ success rates to climb both in and out of the classroom.